Sunday, October 10, 2010

Toy Characters

SJ 01


When we are asked to sketch out toy characters, my first thought was Quasimodo of the Notre Dame.

He is an orphan baby which is found by Frollo, who hides him in the bell tower of the Notre Dame, the highest point in all of Paris. There he grows into a young man, whose job is to ring the cathedral's giant bells.
Sadly, he has never seen the world, and the world has never seen him. His only friends are the stone gargoyles and the birds who lived with him in the tower.

Quasimodo's speciality:
1. Physically deformed
2. Huge warts thats covers his left eye
3. Severely hunched back

A mishapen bell ringer


My second thought jumps into Tarzan.

I choose him because somehow i feel that my character is same as him. He is active all the time, just like me, i guess so.

 Tarzan's speciality:
1. Leap and fly
2. Grabbing branches wildly
3. Moves like an animal


For me, Simba is a courageous and confident lion. He gives me the power to go forward whenever i'm stucked in a situation.

4. REX

And finally, my last toy character is Rex, from Toy Story.

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