Sunday, October 10, 2010

Around Taylors

 SJ 03 a

Plan of Taylors Lakeside

a. Interior

1. Cafeteria
Pictures are actually taken after 5.00p.m. and I could see no one there. The tables are not nicely arranged and chairs coming out and in.

Detail: Fire system from cafeteria

I just realized there's a fire system in cafeteria. Never do I realized until I started sketching cafeteria as one of my interior drawings.

2. Library Level 4

Books are not nicely orgarnized as you can see a few books are placed on top of other books in the rack.

Detail: Air-conditional system
There are many this kind of air-conditional systems in the library, no wonder everyone describe library as a snow world.

b. Exterior

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  1. your thumbnails is an example of how normal boring things can be interesting.