Monday, October 11, 2010

My site~A pond

My site members:
Lim Zi Xin
Lee Phei Ding
Tham Chui Wei
Wee Chee Peng

site plan:

I coloured my site plan so that my paper wouldn't look too plain.
As you can see, my site actually has many coconut trees and you could expect that my site is actually quite a shady place. It is a place where you could have your mind relax. After a busy day with your assignment, my site would be an ideal place for you to relax your mind. The pond make the ambience of the surrounding more lively, as you would have a glance of fishes swimming around. The water is not crystal clear, a mixture of dark green with light green, it could be the reflection of the green algae, I guess so.


drainage system

rubbish bin


Different angle of drawings being produced, different feelings.
one point

two point


  1. it would be nice if your thumbnailds were rander using those strokes that you learnt earlier this semester. i do like your plan its good that you coloured it.. but do insert some anotations on the drawing to indicated those things on site :)

  2. where is the north point and title and scale for your site plan drawing???