Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SJ 14b


My dream house was first started with some researchs which i had done a few months ago. I always anticipate my dream house to be built on the water or perhaps in the water. Actually, I started to imagine my dream house since semester 1 as in Creative Thinking Class, we were asked to create our own restaurant with the element of either water, fire, wind... and others which i could not remember. My group chose the element of water. I did some reseach on water element buildings and somehow I was like stepping myself into the water building house.

The water building resort has been conceptually and architecturally designed in the shape of a water drop and intends to be the world’s first building that can convert air into water by using solar energy. The construction of the building is the combination of technology and nature. water quality.

my reseachs:

Recalling last year I went for Archidex, I took some pictures of the models. I was amazed by the buildings built on the water.

After having my researchs done, I tried to imagine how would be the interior look like. I want the floor to be made of glass, so that I could see fishes swimming around under me.

Then I started to draw the bubble diagram out, listing out what criterias I want for my dream house.

Bubble Diagram

Based on the researchs done, I drew out what I imagined.
I decided my dream house to be built inside the water with the concept of shell. There is a giant ball which can transport human around the water and perhaps transport human to the land.

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